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The Nictus Holdings Philosophy

The objective remains to reach a top level of EXCELLENCE throughout the rganization. The philosophy and core focus will be to drive EXCELLENCE in every aspect of the rganization and, through this, establish Nictus Holdings as a leading entity wherever we are present.


• Teamwork
• Respect
• Integrity
• Adaptability
• Fanatic Discipline
• Transparency
• Individual and collective ownership


Our Vision

Nictus Holdings is an independent diversified investment holding Company that creates above average value for shareholders and other stakeholders through sustainable growth.


Our Mission Statement

With a culture of EXCELLENCE and through visionary and dynamic leadership, we will achieve our vision through:
- Protecting our independence
- Expanding our business base in Namibia
- Growing a satisfied customer base
- Optimising all resources
- Being innovative and technology driven
- Being the preferred employer

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